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Arlene Crafton

Arlene Crafton - Fine Artist

Monrovia, MD


My love of art dates back to childhood. As a child and teen, I never went anywhere without my bag of "drawing stuff" -- pencils, charcoal, paper and magazines for reference photos. In recent years, I began to work in color, taking the leap from pencil and charcoal. My medium of choice is pastel for its vibrant color and direct contact between myself, the pastel and my painting surface.

My subject matter varies widely, whatever catches my eye and imagination. Landscapes have become a favorite and the farmland and mountains near my home provide much inspiration. A definite favorite is also old, rusty trucks and cars. However, I don't limit my subject matter. Often an object or scene just calls out to be painted. As long as I'm creating, I'm happy. When my family comes home at the end of the day and I've got pastel smudges on my face, they know it's been a good day!

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Henpecked by Arlene Crafton


Just Up the Road by Arlene Crafton


Strange Birds by Arlene Crafton


Golden Quartet by Arlene Crafton


The Butcher and His Wife by Arlene Crafton


Windy Brae Gardens by Arlene Crafton


Half Dozen Red by Arlene Crafton


Triple Gold by Arlene Crafton


Little Blue Clown by Arlene Crafton


Wish I Was There by Arlene Crafton


Red Door - Baltimore by Arlene Crafton


Lovely Bunch of Bananas by Arlene Crafton


A Dog and Her Boy by Arlene Crafton